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Some Star Trek humor…

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startrek_worfThe Characters: Lt Comm. Worf

Mr Worf (Mr Worf to his friends) is Klingon i.e. he sports a brown cornish pastie on his forehead, and therefore is aggressively committed to honour. He has an honourable way of doing averything. For example, going to the toilet honourably (leaning over the bowl, Bat’leth in one hand, using hard sandpapery Klingon „pain paper” only). Klingons do not cry, feel pain, disobey their captains, and do not play Badminton. Ever. Mr Worf controls the Tactical station – offensive and defensive weapons and manouvers, plus internal security – and will always suggest a specific solution to a problem.
For example:
PICCARD: Any suggestions?
RIKER: I suggest we beam over and negotiate.
TROI: We should lower our shields as a sign of peace.
WORF: I say we kill them! Kill them all!

Cards from Star Trek Deck Building Game are like Klingon pain cards…

There are many, many characters and they are unique….

Zaiste – nawet kilka partii nie wystarczy, żeby grać płynnie. Zdecydowanie nie jest to Dominion. Ale to tylko podnosi poprzeczkę. I tak jest cool! To kiedy następna partia?

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